Hey everyone! The website will be taking some major changes here the next month. Keep your eyes peeled for my new record "New Horizons" due out early July. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. I promise you that your wait was well worth it. I'm putting a link to my  tour dates with Ruben Ramos so we can still stay in touch. I'm also now playing Unison Saxes Exclusively. Thses are some amazing horns. Check em out & see for yourself! God Bless...See you at the show!
New Site Coming Soon!
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Fabian's on tour with The Hamilton Loomis Band currently...Check out these videos of Fabian with Hamiliton Loomis Band

Hello Everyone...

There's been an extreme amount of excitement happening here at the home base in Texas. There's a new solo record on the way, new productions, change in management and 1 million things to be delighted over. As you all know for the past 12 years (since high school) I've been touring the world, living my dream, & god only knows what else! My eyes have seen, My ears have heard the most un-imaginable things...(and of coarse my nose has smelt some pretty funky thangs!)  I wish I could plug my brain into a T.V and just share it with everyone. So for several months I've sat in asylum deriving of a plan to share my life experiences...perhaps a sort of QUINTESSENCE. It is the extraction of my purpose to all of you! We're born, we crawl, we walk, talk, learn, live, teach, crawl again then rest...Some where in the middle of all that we find purpose. My purpose is MUSIC, HAPPINESS, LOVE and PEACE. I recently called upon some of my favorite musicians to be a part of my IMAGINATION EXPERIMENT...We have been in the studio every minute we get and it has been a TRUE BLESSING. I cannot wait to share the final product. I'm also thrilled about the new SOCIAL MANAGEMENT TEAM. Starting in November I will be having a team of bright individuals bring my Imagination to life. I hope that my music brings people together...creates bonding...makes individuals forget about WARS and CRIME....LIVE LIFE AND BE HAPPY! 


Here's a short clip of me putting some air thru my horn in FRANCE on 10/11/2014. The backstage theatre where I warmed up in was magnificent and gorgeous. Just had to share!