Hey everyone! The website will be taking some major changes here the next month. Keep your eyes peeled for my new record "New Horizons" due out early July. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. I promise you that your wait was well worth it. I'm putting a link to my  tour dates with Ruben Ramos so we can still stay in touch. I'm also now playing Unison Saxes Exclusively. Thses are some amazing horns. Check em out & see for yourself! God Bless...See you at the show!
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Fabian's on tour with The Hamilton Loomis Band currently...Check out these videos of Fabian with Hamiliton Loomis Band

Morblus and Hamilton Finale - Sax solo starts at 3:08
What it is! Sax solo starts at 2:30 and more sax at the end 7:35
Turning Heads
Sax solo starts 1:50
Peer Belguim Blues Festival - Sax solo
at 2:30